Innovative multipurpose action joystick camera

Innovative multipurpose action joystick camera

Innovative multipurpose action joystick camera from DJI, fully adaptable to dynamic moving environments.

Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Company is a very resourceful company, they have a long list of fine products and accessories in the Commercial Unmanned aerial vehicles and the recreational drones. They recently launched a NEW product for all people that are keen to create content using photography, video and audio.  CLICK  IMAGE.

Innovative multipurpose action joystick camera
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Innovative multipurpose action joystick camera Rocks!

The new portable action joy stick camera is all about versatility, and ease of use. It delivers versatility by overcoming several design problems that the traditional camera designs have.  The NEW design makes the camera much easier to point and shoot; you can shoot high or shoot low, the Zenmuse camera lens head can pitch, tilt and yaw.

  • Single hand joystick grip,
  • Camera lens Gimbal stabilizer
  • Multipurpose versatility

The design of the Innovative Joy Stick Camera makes it a unique design for a camera.  The traditional camera was designed to be held with two hands, or alternatively using a tripod and therefore, making the camera stable for picture taking. For creative photography and video recording, there are many everyday occasions when holding a camera with two hands is really awkward and simply impossible.  Riding a bike is one of those occasions; have you ever taken pictures or video while riding a bike? If you have you know that it is very difficult thing to do, and you can only use one hand if the bike is moving. Why would anyone want to ride a bike and take pictures or video at the same time? Three answers to that question are: creativity, spark interest, and imagination.

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Here are some ideas how to combine the bike riding, photography and video.

During the autumn season when the colorful autumn leaves have fallen on the ground somewhere where you can ride over them. It may be a park, bike path, or a road, or some other area where there are trees. Go to the sport when there is sufficient light, or even when the ground is still wet from morning dew or light rain. Take your camera and set the shutter speed relatively slow and the shutter wide open. Then as you ride slowly over the leaves hold the camera in one hand, low at about the knees height, and point the lens between the leaves on the ground and the spinning front wheel.

The picture will turn out with the wheel being in focus, and the colorful leaves on the ground blurred. You may have to do it several times until you have the aperture and the shutter speed right in tune with the available light.

Innovative multipurpose action joystick camera
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The above exercise is not easy using a traditional digital camera, because the camera is difficult to hold with one hand.  Also to be able to see the display panel, at the same time, is difficult. The other action is to take videos while riding a bike, so that the wheel of the bike is in the same view as an interesting summer background, which appears to be moving, in relation to the camera. Video recording on a bike is very difficult unless it is a single handheld joystick camera. There are cameras like the GoPro with camera mounts that are secured to the bike handlebars. That may be very useful in very rough terrains, like steep downhills where the rider must have both hands on the handlebars to avoid crashing.  I can visualize the single hand grip being very practical to make interesting photographs and video when moving on a set of wheels, skateboard, or even coasting on a shopping trolley. With a single hand grip joystick it is possible to reach high or to reach low, no problem to hold the camera, and very easy to point where ever direction.

Innovative multipurpose action joystick camera
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Crystal clear Pictures.

To overcome the blurring of moving object pictures, the camera designers increased the shutter speeds to freeze the motion. The increased shutter speed does solve that blur problem, but there is more to creative photography than just freezing images.  The blurring can be used creatively to enhance the appearance of the image, by blurring the image with delayed shutter speed while using a tripod.

Innovative multipurpose action joystick camera
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What about taking a picture free hand? And using a delayed shutter speed? With a traditional camera, that means a blurred image. But with the NEW Innovative technology it is possible to take pictures free hand and to use a delayed shutter speeds. It is possible by using a Gimbal to hold the camera lens steady, even if the arm of the operator is moving some. The gimbal can be commanded to point in a specific direction, and it will do it using inbuilt GPS and a stabilizer.

Zenmuse Gimbal camera head options.

There are three Zenmuse gimbal models with the camera heads available: Zenmuse X3. Zenmuse X5. Zenmuse X5R. The X3 sensor is a size ½.3 inches size. Still resolution: 12 MP. Video resolution: up to 4K (4096 X 2160).  The X5 has a larger sensor, which is a 4/3 Inch size. The still resolution of the X5 is larger than the X3, at 16MP.  Video resolution: 4K (4096 x 2160).    See image below.

Innovative multipurpose action joystick camera
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The camera heads X3 or the X 5 used are the same as what is used in the Inspire1 model UAV, the quality of the image is excellent. Stock standard the DJI OSMO comes with the X3 swivel camera head, which features, a 12 MB still image capture, 4K video recording and a 94-degree field view. Additionally, you can capture high definition videos at 120 frames per second. The Multipurpose action joystick camera OSMO, offers time lapse and long exposure modes, for taking videos that express a long sequence of time in a short time frame.  The long exposure function enables capturing relatively, colourful moving objects, like the colourful lights of city traffic, or the spin of the planet earth in relation to the far distant stars of the universe.  See the next picture for example.

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OSMO In the Box includes:

  • Handheld Gimbal and Camera × 1
  • Mobile Device Holder × 1
  • Intelligent Battery × 1
  • Storage Case × 1
  • Charger Power Cable × 1
  • Battery Charger × 1
  • UV Filter × 1
  • Micro SD Card × 1(16 GB)
  • Shoulder Strap × 1
  • Rosette Protection Cap × 1
  • Wrist Strap × 1
  • Lens Cap × 1
  • Manuals
  • OSMO In the Box
  • Osmo Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines
  • Osmo Intelligent Battery Safety Guidelines
  • OSMO In the Box

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