Law of attraction celebrities

Law of attraction celebrities

Law of attraction celebrities and how used by real-world celebrities and sales personalities to influence people and to entertain their fans.

Take, for instance, Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy. Attraction
can create strange bedfellows, to paraphrase an old expression.
You just never know who is going to love who when it comes right
down to it.

In the case of Miss Piggy and Kermit it was love that was rooted
in a brilliant marketing campaign designed to attract both
children and adults.

It worked too! Both characters became celebrities and to this
day both frequently appear on television shows, at award
ceremonies and for charity fundraisers.

If you could name a perfect marketing campaign, the joining of
these two characters should be at the top of the list.

Law of attraction celebrities

We can learn a lot from the pig and the frog. Listen to them
talk and they believe in themselves. Miss Piggy may come across
a bit arrogant, but she is focused at all times.

Kermit may waver in the face of such a strong personality, but
in the end he is always on track and true to himself. As a
result, this team of make-believe animals can sell or promote
just about anything to anyone.

Law of attraction celebrities show the way

Now consider Billy Mays the television salesman. He passed away
not long ago but not without establishing a remarkable
reputation for being able to sell anything to anyone.

He was a carnival barker in Atlantic City before earning
millions as a simple honest and enthusiastic salesman. When you
watched him promote products, you just knew he really believed
in what he was selling and what he was saying.

This middle aged huckster could convince millions of people to
buy kitchen tools, car cleaners or work tools. He could sell men
or women’s’ products. He could convince anyone that they needed
exactly what he was selling.

Even if you didn’t need what he was selling, it was almost
impossible to not watch him because he was always so darn
enthusiastic and upbeat that he made you happy and hopeful.

If there was a way to personify the Law of Attraction it would
be Miss Piggy and Kermit or Billy Mays. Law of attraction celebrities.

These non-human and human characters are focused, energetic, and
able to attract people and money and attention and many other
things. That is what the Law of Attraction is all about.

A formal definition is as follows: You will attract to your life
whatever you give energy, focus and attention to on a regular

It’s simple and easy to follow. More important than that, it’s
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